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Many owners believe that the process of selling their business begins with the initial decision to sell.  In reality, that decision arises later in the process.  This basic concept forms the foundation of Kingsley Group’s innovative marketing strategy.  The articles in this section of our website will give you an idea of how we evaluate each client’s business and personal needs before the decision is made to bring your business to market.  Then, through our strategic marketing process, we maximize after-tax value while maintaining confidentiality and minimizing disruption to daily business operations.

What is My Business Worth?

Kingsley Group will provide the business owner with a complimentary opinion of the market value of the company. We will need to meet with the owners regarding details of the business, i.e. products, services, how they are marketed, why you wish to sell and other key information regarding how your business operates.

Business Owners

Deciding to sell your business may be one of the most difficult, but important, decisions of your lifetime. This event typically involves the largest personal asset of most business owners and will require qualified and trusted advisors who are dedicated to achieving your objectives.

Information For Business Buyers

Kingsley Group is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of each client’s business information. We will request specific background information from you regarding financial and operating capabilities.

Demographic & Statistical Profile of Springfield, MO

Demographic and Statistical Profile as published quarterly by the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce – Springfield Business Development Corporation.

Small Business & Tech Development Center

The Small Business and Technology Development Center at Missouri State University specializes in providing one-on-one consulting that is comprehensive and individualized to meet the particular needs of business owners and entrepreneurs.
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Tax Consequences of Selling

Tax Consequences of Selling a Business

This article by BKD’s Matt Haase discusses structuring transactions to help minimize taxes and maximize seller proceeds.

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