Process Time Table

Kingsley Group Process/ Pathway to Success


Kingsley Group’s rigorous processes include distinct tasks and activities which consistently produce successful results for our clients.  At all times the Seller is closely involved in the process, reviewing and approving marketing materials, prospect disclosure, and acceptance of offers.  Here is an outline of our processes and approximate timing intervals:

Kingsley Group will meet with you to discuss your priorities and obtain the financial records of your business.  From there we will perform a Market Price Analysis based on your financials, researched market sales and customer valuation parameters. We will then meet with you to present our professional analysis. You can then meet with your family, CPA, and Attorney to review any sale implications that need to be considered. Then it’s up to you and your family to make the decision to proceed with a sale.

Kingsley Group will begin preparing the Confidential Marketing Documents that will be presented to potential Sellers.  These include:

  • The Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement that potential Buyers must review and sign prior to looking at your business
  • The Business Profile which is a quick one-page summary of the opportunity
  • And The Confidential Business Summary – a complete marketing package on your business

All during this process, your broker will be working with you on Marketing plans, discussing potential Buyer targets and reviewing any advertising and planned promotions.

During this phase, your business will have been advertised, submitted to potential qualified Buyers and Buyer/Seller meetings will take place.  This process ensures that we find the best-qualified Buyer for your business. Kingsley Group will work with the potential Buyer on the negotiation of offers for your business.  Once we have an offer in hand, we will work with you, your CPA and Attorney to ensure the deal structure optimizes tax strategies and meets your objectives. Once Buyer and Seller agree on terms, your business will go under contract.

Getting your business under contract is just the start of this next very important phase. Due Diligence will begin, where the Buyer and their representatives will review financials, business operations, assets, and inventory.  Kingsley Group will be there as your representative in this process.  Your broker will work with you and the Buyer on the orderly transfer of business operations and accounts.  And finally, Kingsley Group will coordinate all closing activities to ensure a smooth and professional experience for you.

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