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George Burrell joined the Kingsley Group as a Business Development Advisor in 2019 in our new Branson, MO office, bringing with him over 40 years of expertise in business organization and development and troubleshooting existing businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, his career has been prolific and diverse, having helped salvage, grow and sell numerous companies in industries including aviation, oil and gas, medical, IT and more.

George Burrell has a strong working knowledge in almost all aspects of running a small business, from organization and fundraising to daily operations and management, enabling him to closely relate to clients. Prior to the Kingsley Group, George was Vice President and Business Development Officer for a 21-year-old investment banking firm in another city. Before that, he was the Founder and President of a regional oil and gas operator and producer with over 150 wells in Kansas and over 70 wells in Texas. George sold this company in 2014 at the peak of the market just prior to the oil market decline of 2014-15.

George Burrell holds an undergraduate degree in Mining Engineering/Engineering Geophysics from Lehigh University and a graduate degree in Engineering Administration from Southern Methodist University. He is a licensed professional engineer (retired) and has a current certification in Mediation.

George Burrell can be reached at 417-889-9400 or via email

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